Absolutnym priorytetem jest dla nas spełnianie oczekiwań naszych klientów oraz sumienne i terminowe wywiązywanie się z naszych zobowiązań.

Quality policy

We operate pursuant to set practices, in compliance with current legal regulations, we use appropriate equipment, high technology and apply innovative organisational solutions.

Concern for the environment and health safety of products

We pay a lot of attention to protection of the nature. Concern for harmonious co-existence with the environment underlies all our operations.
We make efforts to guarantee consistent quality of our products and their compliance with specifications taking account of our Customers’ requirements. This allows eliminating potential hazards to health safety of our products.
We have implemented a Quality Management System and Food Health Safety Management System, based on requirements laid down in the Food Code and current IFS and BRC Standards.

Control of quality

All processes in the plant are subject to control of quality, in particular:
– supplies and collections of raw materials and other materials
– production in each and every stage of the technological process
– logistics of final goods

In-house laboratory and external laboratories

An in-house laboratory in which physical parameters of raw materials and products are tested and their organoleptic properties are checked plays a key role in the process of controlling quality.
Analyses are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel whose competences evolve within constant trainings. Chemical and comparative tests are conducted in accredited external laboratories.

Quality system

We have implemented the International Food Standard (IFS), which is confirmed by a relevant certificate.
In response to the market requirements, we also implemented BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards – Global Standard for Food Safety. This fact is certified by an audit.
Apart from a Kosher certificate, we hold an ecological food certificate as well. It authorises us to process and trade in ecological rice.