Na każdym etapie łańcucha dostaw i procesu produkcji korzystamy z pomocy niezależnych, wyspecjalizowanych laboratoriów. Dzięki temu zyskujemy pewność, że nasz produkt spełnia oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających klientów, odpowiada ustalonym specyfikacjom i unijnym przepisom.

Selection of grains

Knowledge and experience are required to properly assess quality of rice. Numerous varieties of this raw material are different in terms of size, shape, aroma and colour. Our team consists of the best experts in appropriate assessment and selection of grains. Moreover, we closely cooperate with suppliers and purchase rise directly from producers.

Transport from the source

Rice is shipped to the company by sea. The average time of transport comes to approx. 5 weeks.
Our location in the Port of Gdynia creates optimal logistic conditions and enhances the competitiveness level.

Control of quality

We benefit from assistance of independent, specialist laboratories in each and every stage of the supply chain and production process. Thanks to this, we are convinced that our product meets expectations of the most demanding customers, and is in line with set specifications and regulations.

Cleaning the raw material

Grain which ends up in the plant is subject to preliminary cleaning to separate all contaminants.

Grinding of grains

The rice grinding process consists in removing, by rubbing off, an external layer of rice bran surrounding the grain. Grains of “cargo” rice i.e. brown rice, deprived of husk only, undergo the grinding process.


Polishing of rice surface is another phase of refining rice. Thanks to this, all dusts are removed and grain burnishes.
Ground and polished grains of rice are subject to a number of control points. Contaminants, which differ in terms of shape, and fractions of broken grains are separated on sieves.
Afterwards, specialist machinery sorts grains. The latest technology for optoelectronic sorting makes it also possible to eliminate discoloured grains.

Packing forms

To adapt to the market requirements and needs, we offer a wide spectrum of packaging in many formats.
Our products are sent to retail customers, HORECA and to the industry.