Rice is valued all over the world for its nutrients. It is an ideal product for preparing tasty and valuable meals. It is present in cuisines all over the world, and in many of them (Asian countries) it is the staple food. It is used in a gluten-free diet and all light diets.

Its cosmetic properties are also widely used.

The main characteristics of rice:

  • good source of energy,
  • low fat and salt content (no cholesterol minerals, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, iron, vitamin D, calcium and fiber)
    no gluten (does not cause allergic reactions),
  • no additives or preservatives (healthy and balanced diet),
  • contains carbohydrates in the form of starch (starch stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system).


Rice flour is made of broken but energy-rich and flavourful grains of rice.

Main characteristics:

  • gluten-free (non-allergic)
  • healthy diet (lots of carbohydrates, less fat, proper protein content, low salt content)
  • good liquid absorption
  • digestibility


  • rice pudding
  • breakfast rice cereals
  • baking products
  • soup/sauce thickener (additive for coating in breadcrumbs)


Groats are the foundation of a healthy, balanced diet. Groats are grain seeds that are cleaned of inedible parts of the grain. It’s healthy, nutritious. Easily digestible product containing protein, starch, dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals. Its high nutritional value makes groats a great alternative to pasta, rice or potatoes.

Main advantages:

  • high nutritional value (whole grain product),
  • high fiber content (regulates the digestive process, has a low glycemic index, lowers the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood),
  • a good source of magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and B vitamins

Types of groats:

  • barley,
  • millet,
  • buckwheat,
  • couscous,
  • bulgur


Legume seeds have been known to mankind for years, being one of the oldest foods in the human diet. Pods are a very nutritious group of products that have a number of proven, beneficial pro-health properties. They are the second most important source of plant food for humans after cereals.

Common characteristics of the legume seeds:

  • a rich source of easily digestible protein (20-26% in dry seeds),
  • very high fiber content,
  • contain a lot of calcium, potassium and folate


  • pea,
  • beans (different varieties),
  • chickpeas,
  • lentils (different varieties)


The mixtures are a unique composition of grains, vegetables and spices, from which you can easily prepare a delicious, nutritious and wholesome meal.