“Rol-Ryż” Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) is a leader on the rice market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rice selected, processed and packed by us ends up in shops, retail groups and industrial processing plants.

For years, we have been the biggest supplier of products sold under the own-brand labels by hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores. Ethical and business standards which determine our attitude to a Customer and steer operations lay the foundations of our company. Our daily cooperation with partners is based on mutual respect and full commitment. An experienced and qualified team, ready to take up new challenges and being the driving force of innovative solutions, guarantees the company’s progress and that customers’ expectations are met.

Thanks to the team, both our products and knowledge have been rated highly by consignees for years.

To ensure quality of products and caring for nature, we have implemented food production systems to fulfil the International Food Standard (IFS) and standards of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Moreover, we have been adapting to individual requirements of our Customers for years. Constant strengthening of the leading position on the rice market in Poland and whole Europe is an objective of our work.

The first information about growing of rice was recorded 5000 years ago. Long grain rice, parboiled rice, basmati rice and jasmine rice are the most popular varieties. 90% of the global rise growing is in Asia from where rice is shipped to Europe by sea.

Rice is the oldest crop being the major food product for more than 50% of population in the world. It is a rich source of energy, naturally gluten-free. Rice is a product attributable both to eastern culture and to western culture.


We operate pursuant to set practices, in compliance with current legal regulations, we use appropriate equipment, high technology and apply innovative organisational solutions.


We pay a lot of attention to protection of the nature. Concern for harmonious co-existence with the environment underlies all our operations.

We make efforts to guarantee consistent quality of our products and their compliance with specifications taking account of our Customers’ requirements. This allows eliminating potential hazards to health safety of our products.

We have implemented a Quality Management System and Food Health Safety Management System, based on requirements laid down in the Food Code and current IFS and BRC Standards.


All processes in the plant are subject to control of quality, in particular:
– supplies and collections of raw materials and other materials
– production in each and every stage of the technological process
– logistics of final goods


An in-house laboratory in which physical parameters of raw materials and products are tested and their organoleptic properties are checked plays a key role in the process of controlling quality.

Analyses are carried out by qualified and experienced personnel whose competences evolve within constant trainings. Chemical and comparative tests are conducted in accredited external laboratories.


In response to the market requirements, we also implemented BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards – Global Standard for Food Safety. This fact is certified by an audit.

Apart from a Kosher certificate, we hold an ecological food certificate as well. It authorises us to process and trade in ecological rice.


Knowledge and experience are required to properly assess quality of rice. Numerous varieties of this raw material are different in terms of size, shape, aroma and colour. Our team consists of the best experts in appropriate assessment and selection of grains. Moreover, we closely cooperate with suppliers and purchase rise directly from producers.


Rice is shipped to the company by sea. The average time of transport comes to approx. 5 weeks.

Our location in the Port of Gdynia creates optimal logistic conditions and enhances the competitiveness level.


We benefit from assistance of independent, specialist laboratories in each and every stage of the supply chain and production process. Thanks to this, we are convinced that our product meets expectations of the most demanding customers, and is in line with set specifications and regulations.


Grain which ends up in the plant is subject to preliminary cleaning to separate all contaminants.


The rice grinding process consists in removing, by rubbing off, an external layer of rice bran surrounding the grain. Grains of “cargo” rice i.e. brown rice, deprived of husk only, undergo the grinding process.


Polishing of rice surface is another phase of refining rice. Thanks to this, all dusts are removed and grain burnishes.

Ground and polished grains of rice are subject to a number of control points. Contaminants, which differ in terms of shape, and fractions of broken grains are separated on sieves.
Afterwards, specialist machinery sorts grains. The latest technology for optoelectronic sorting makes it also possible to eliminate discoloured grains.


To adapt to the market requirements and needs, we offer a wide spectrum of packaging in many formats.

Our products are sent to retail customers, HORECA and to the industry.



History of our enterprise dates back to 1928 when in the 1930s a Rice Mill was opened on the premises of the port in Gdynia. At that time, it was the largest plant of this type in Europe.

After the World War II, the factory was incorporated into the Polish Cereal Plants (Polskie Zakłady Zbożowe). Social and economic transformations, commenced in August 1980, made it possible to set up an independent firm again, dealing with rice processing.


On 1 May 1992, Przedsiębiorstwo “Rol-Ryż” Spółka z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) started to operate. Further modernisation and expansion stages of the plant were carried out. Rol-Ryż has gained its experience and built the market of rice in Poland.

In that period, the company was centred around mainly on the domestic market and on cooperation with Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia).


After Polish accession to the EU in 2004, shares in Rol-Ryż were acquired by Marbour Group. Intensive development of the company took place in the following years. Modern lines for rice processing, for control of quality and for automation of the packaging and storing process were installed.


Since 2019 Rol-Ryż is a part of Euricom Group, an Italian multinational and one of the world’s largest operators in the rice sector. Currently, It is the sole professional rice processing and manufacturing plant and the biggest importer of rice in Central and Eastern Europe.